Great article! Thanks for outlining the general pattern here.

I think what's likely to happen is that people will realize you can't detect bad behavior by looking at content directly, and instead, personal relationships will become ever more important.

Algorithmic feeds are increasingly seen as being akin to cigarettes, and i think that cultural norm will hold. I avoid any website with an algorithmically ranked content feed and get most of my content from places like substack, which is awesome.

Where i think we end up wil be a place where everyone is using algorithms either on their local machine, or on the machines of people they know and trust personally, to decide what content to consume. This will likely cause the rise of a technobrahmin caste; people who understand both machine learning and cryptocurrency, and operate a combination of IT infrastructure and storytelling services for people who personally know and trust them.

Most people don't see the random bots on twitter. As people prioritize personal relationships over algorithmic feeds, content discovery moves to a peer to peer model and the bots lose their reach.

Sadly, though, i think we'll see something of an 'algorithmic underclass', in the same way that smoking is now a lower-class thing in much of the US, i think we'll see a huge group of people who are basically 'under the sway' of increasingly aggressively targeted feeds, and then a small group of elites who've learned to tune this stuff out, and thereby have far more economic opportunity in life.

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Sep 2, 2022Liked by Monsieur Grandy

i was recently struck by the realization that in a vr environment, high quality bots will be indistinguishable from actuals humans. should give us even more pause as we collectively hover near the door of zuck&co's metaverse...

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Great article! Puts into focus just how terrifying the internet is about to get. I touched on this while writing about "The Daily Wrong" website. https://dailywrong.com/man-finally-comfortable-just-holding-a-ducks-head/

"Daily Wrong is a great example of how Dalle will most likely be used for a lot of content and ad generation - and hopefully they pay photoshopped and artists to fix the weird stuff.

Yeah - The internet is about to get a lot weirder in an uncanny valley kind of way.

Imagine - The year is 2025. Thousands of websites generate revenue with fake articles, complete with fake images relevant to the article’s topic."

It's already happening with lists of affiliates + Top 10 Tools type sites. It's going to get a lot worse.


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Aug 25, 2022Liked by Monsieur Grandy

We already have content farms totally swamping search engines like Google or DuckDuckGo. Finding useful websites there is becoming a fool’s errand. Are these content farms puzzled together by AI bots?

Video is still harder to fake at the moment. A while ago there was an article that youths don’t use these search engines. They look up videos on platforms like TikTok. Maybe this is one of the reasons why. Video platforms have not yet reached the dead internet stage.

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Enjoyed this so much I added it to my monthly recommendations post: https://siddhesh.substack.com/p/recs-aug-2022

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Bots are increasingly generating more internet content faster. Generally, this bad and people won’t like it. They crave human authenticity, and therefore, will flock to token-gated communities. And the rise of Web3 will continue. Bots don’t pay to play.

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Hello, Grandy.

Your writing and its mission has impressed me. In light with that, I'd like to work with you towards achieving that common goal. However, this is the only channel of communication I have.

Kindly let me know how to reach you.


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beep boop beep

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Really great, thank you! Great thinking, really good! I^ve shared your article on Facebook and it's receiving great response from just the right people (originally got your article in my Timeline via some French artist).

Important work, important thinking!

I've checked your blog and this is only the second text? Please write on... wanna know more. Got you in my daily blogroll....

Thanks again for the sharp analysis!

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Just leave public social media in favor of private tribes, local non virtual communities. At least if you prefer to live in real non fake world.

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